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​What is Asset Protection?

Asset protection is a set of legal techniques and a body of statutory and common law dealing with protecting assets of individuals and business entities from civil money judgments .Ana M. Veliz.

Why is Asset Protection so important?

Did you know that a recent study has determined that the average person in today’s day and age will be sued approximately five times within their lifespan? During an age where litigation has exploded, no business or professional activity is exempt from the increasing risks of being sued. In this kind of environment, being prepared for a lawsuit is crucial.

The Advantages: 
Asset protection will assist you in restructuring your financial holdings so they are placed beyond the reach of potential future creditors. Thus keeping your business, estate and possessions secured. In addition,planning for asset protection  will allow you to deal with future creditors from a position of power.

Do I really need to protect my assets?

Have you accumulated assets such as real estate, stocks, bonds and other investments? If so, you may be a target for someone else financial gain. We highly encourage anyone that owns any significant assets to review their holdings. Because you never know what might happen if you get sued, and had not prepared for the legal battle in advance. Ana M. Veliz at Ana M. Veliz, PA can provide solutions.

What kind of strategy should I focus on?

Every person’s situation is unique and varies from simple to complex. Because no one solution can cover all aspect options, we provide a fully detailed review of your assets to help you determine what asset protection strategy will work best for you.

We want to make sure your assets stay right where they belong – under your control. Ana M. Veliz at Ana M. Veliz, PA can provide solutions to all your inquires.

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