Practice Areas Overview


Estate Planning

In Florida, life insurance benefits are protected from the claims of creditors of the decedent. However, life insurance benefits are not protected from the claims of creditors of the beneficiaries.


Wills & Trusts

At Ana M. Veliz, P.A. we use the initial consultation in our process, to learn about your family and financial circumstances, your objectives, and desires so we can recommend either a Will or Trust based plan. Do you know what the major differences between a Will and Trust are?


Business Succession

We understand that for many families the family business is the main asset and that there maybe obstacles related to the transfer of the business whether to the next generation, a key employee or as a sale to a third party.


Asset Protection

Ana M. Veliz, P.A. can help you implement layers of asset protection. How many layers? That depends on type of assets you own and your family situation. Asset protection can be simple or complex depending on your personal situation.


Probate & Trust Admin

If a person dies owning property/assets of any type in solely his or her individual name, their estate must go through Probate so the decedent’s heirs can receive title to the property/assets.


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